Jack de Queen? … Victoria the killer?

As you should now about the story it is not necessary to tell you everything about jack the ripper but here is a little short story about it.

Jack the ripper is a MURDERER who lived in London long time who use to killv people … but not just people… the only murderers that the police found was all women always with curved daggers COMING FROM THE ROYALTY … because of this: all the crime scenes there was the body and a note written with blood that it says: “if you are going to kill the perfect creation, kill it with the best dagger” They never found the killer but … there are a lot of thing coming from him aparently and of course more murders and ladies with a royal dagger in their hearth.

Well here comes the conspiracy that I read long time ago: “The real Jack the killer was actually queen victoria and her medic” Why? becuase the doctor said to the queen that the only way to keep the skin like a 20 years old lady is taking a bath with WHORE BLOOD… because as you should now, the only thing more important than nothing to the queen was her beauty … and the young forever.

I really thing that this could be true, because after I read about this I started to check queen Victoria’s life and I saw that she was really crazy about her appearience and one member of the royalty said: “I know that she will do whatever It takes to be always that if she was twenty”  … so in theory it could be true … besides all the daggers that they found in that time was ROYAL DAGGERS … like he wrote in all the crime scenes … so if the story of jack the ripper is true… it could be the doctor … of the queen the killer.


2 Responses to “Jack de Queen? … Victoria the killer?”

  1. if this is true, its the best story ever told

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